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    Justice Warriors #1 (Of 6) Cover C 1 in 10 Ben Passmore Variant

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    First issue of a new dystopian satire, written and cocreated by cartoonist, publisher, and Pulitzer Prize finalist Matt Bors! Outside the walls of prosperous Bubble City, two tense cops patrol the Uninhabited Zone, a vast slum where most of the population lives, many of them mutants. After his partner is killed by a self-driving bus, traumatized veteran Swamp Cop must teach na ve rookie Schitt that the UZ can only be policed by breaking every rule! Featuring cover A by cocreator/filmmaker Ben Clarkson, with incentive cover by B Bors and a incentive cover C by acclaimed graphic novelist Ben Passmore (Your Black Friend). For every 10 copies of cover A ordered, retailers can order 1 copy of cover C (Passmore).

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